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2023-04-16 14:00

Introducing Table Generator: The Ultimate Tool For Designing Beautiful Tables


We are happy to announce the release of Table Generator, a user-friendly web app that simplifies the creation, design, and customization of beautiful tables.

With its sleek and modern user interface, flexible exporting options, pre-designed templates, and powerful editing tools, Table Generator is the ultimate tool for creating beautiful tables.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the key features that make Table Generator a must-have tool for all content-creators.

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Use Cases

There are various use cases for using Table Generator

  • Spice up your blog with beautiful images
  • Export HTML & Tailwind source code for your own project
  • Create static tables, e.g. such as week planners, time schedules, price lists, etc…

Exporting Options

We can provide you with flexible options to export your designed tables.

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • SVG
  • CSV
  • Markdown
  • HTML & TailwindCSS

Try Table Generator Yourself

Try Table Generator today and start designing your own tables!